Monday, 10 February 2014

Joe's MMOs: End Of An Era

Hi guys!

A mini review of a MMO I used to play. This game was based on the Clone Wars tv series called Clone Wars Adventures. It had no PVP or PVE content, just harmless fun bought to us by SONY!

I loved this game because as you watched the cartoon series (Which is still on reruns on Cartoon Network!) and play, there was lots to do, you could buy new outfits, (I was the proud owner of an Ashoka costume!), train with the Jedi and fight in campaign missions against the Separatists. Being for kids, you could not be evil ( :(  ), but it was fun traveling around the Jedi temples, Ilum and Umbarra. The mini games were OK, but it's just a bit of fun right? A good part about the games was there was such huge amounts of diversity in what you could do which made the game very interesting to play. 

The main story campaign on Umbarra was quite good but the combat controls were very laggy.  Now SWTOR is the only Star Wars MMO, so I suggest you check that out. The best mini game was were you could control a Star Destroyer and fight in space against the separatists, however if you had not paid for the game it would not let you do much. That said, the game was very entertaining and had lots of different things and mini games to do.

One of the best things about the game was the community feel, everyone worked together to help each other which was a really nice feeling. This shows how harmless and innocent the game was. I also remember as a child spending a huge amount of time decorating my player home. Which had some of the most infuriating decorating mechanics of any game I have played. It took ages to get anything in the right place. That said, the feeling of satisfaction that you had when you were finished was great. 

I can't give this game a score as it's too dear to my heart and brings so many memories to me, so before  it dies go check it out! You have till the beginning of March.

Hope this was a nice article to read as it was personal to me.


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